Reynolds Farm Summer Party, Kent

Fat Brando

Fat Brando

Sometime in 1992, from the ashes of Steaming Towards Oslo, 3 members eager to start playing funky, best-known tunes to the public grabbed hold of a local renowned guitarist and Fat Brando was born.

For those who remember the heady music scene of those years, it was dominated by rock bands with little light and shade, in days where nearly every pub had a band on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday lunchtimes..

So we started to play stuff that no other bands were taking on – from legendary songs such as Car Wash, a little Stevie Wonder, a dash of Simply Red and a whole bunch of reggae (2 decades before the current ska revolution) we set out to simply enjoy ourselves.

Luddstock 2019 set time:

  • 4.45pm – 6pm